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Solar Panel Farm8

We Offer Best in Class Solar Modules

We work with only the Best

Choose from the range of premium brands Giga Solar works with.

Solar Panels


High Power

670 W

High Efficiency


Mechanical Data

Size: 2384 * 1303 mm
Weight: 33.9 kg

Electrical Data

Low Voltage Concept Design
Voc: 45.7V Isc: 18.5A

Abstract Pathway
anchor panasonic solar module panel .jpg
anchor panasonic.png

550 Wp

144 Half Cell Mono Perc Module

High Efficiency upto 21.32 %

12 years Product | 25 years Performance Warranty

Enhanced Wind Load Resistance

Certified for : Ammonia Corrosion | Salt Mist (Severity 6) | PID Resistance

Solar Panels Technician

545 Wp


Shingled Cell Technology


Framed Glass - Glass

Large Installations

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